Seoul Korean BBQ


The hubby met me downtown for lunch on Thursday and we ventured up Macleod Trail to Seoul Korean BBQ located at 4336 Macleod Trail SW. I purchased a Dealfind coupon for this Korean BBQ haunt and have been itching to use it... I found out the hard way the voucher was just for lunch reservations and I was even a bit more disappointed that the lunch specials we ordered were not true Korean BBQ and already cooked and prepared for us... What fun is that?! I've never truly done Korean BBQ but I've been told this is the best place in Calgary to try it out. It doesn't seem like the cheapest dining experience but on certain days of the week they have all you can eat BBQ for $24.99. Each table has it's own BBQ to cook on and its own hood fan:
Here is what the BBQ looks like at each table.
I will DEFINITELY be checking Seoul out again for dinner so I can BBQ my own meal but here is what we had for lunch... At least the price was right ;)
Deep fried beef dumplings. The sauce was really great with sesame seeds and fresh chives chopped up inside.
I ordered the marinated short rib lunch box for $9.99 which came with rice, kimchi (in the middle at the bottom: kimchi is a traditional fermented Korean dish made of vegetables with various seasonings), something that tasted like ginger chicken on the bottom right and a few slices of potato underneath that dish, salad, unidentified object in the middle, seaweed salad and the short ribs. I'm not a huge fan of kimchi... Or rice... or unidentified objects so I enjoyed the short ribs but couldn't get over my disappointment of not grilling my own meat! The restaurant was really busy at noon though so it must be a popular spot.
Here's James' lunch which was identical to mine save for the "signature" dish of beef ribs that were not on the bone for $10.99. This gives a better view of the unidentified object in the middle too that looks like pineapple but definitely was not... Any ideas?!


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