Okay I've been eating out this week like a crazy person.. It's been busy.. And hey- who doesn't like getting meals made for you?! I should really consider it RESEARCH for my blog ;) ... Now I just need to get funded to do some field testing! I had a great lunch with one of my favorite clients today at one of my favorite restaurants in the city: RUSH! RUSH is located at 100, 207 9th Avenue right beside the Palliser Hotel and I love the luxurious surroundings and amazing plating at this restaurant. I have taken dining dates here in the past and have found it a bit pretentious with four waiters and a parade of cutlery but today's $25 three course lunch was a great choice. I always feel like RUSH takes its time when preparing each dish, despite its name haha. Here is the daily special we noshed on! We had our choice of soup or salad to start, stuffed pork tenderloin or duck legs as an entree and a trio of sweets for dessert... All for $25! Not bad at all:
My date decided on the butternut squash soup as a starter which had roasted sunflower seeds as a garnish and it added a nice crunch. He said this was delicious! Great for fall and so comforting.
I had the salmon tartar salad. The tartar was fantastic!!! Tartar is a raw, cubed preparation. There were capers throughout which gave it perfect saltiness and it mixed well with the well dressed salad. I hate when my lettuce is drenched in sauce but this was perfectly tossed. Yum! Quite a refreshing appetizer.. I will be craving this for a while.
Front view of the pork which we both ordered that was stuffed with roasted sunflower seeds, apricots and parsnips. The pork had a great crusty skin and was quite moist although I could have gone for a bit more jus to soak up with my pork.
Back side of our entree. The layered square is a potato gratin which is a French method of layering potatoes or vegetables and baking with a crust on top of butter, bread crumbs or Parmesan cheese. Sort of like fancy scalloped potatoes. WOW. This white and sweet potato mix was not only beautiful but extremely tasty! What presentation! We also had some roasted zucchini which is in season. Great entree!
This trio of sweet made me nearly squeal with delight! So beautifully plated and such care and attention for each detail. On the left we have a house made strawberry sorbet followed by a strawberry panna cotta (an Italian dessert made by simmering together cream, milk and sugar and then mixing with gelatin to let cool) and on the left a raspberry mascarpone cheese pastry that had these fantastic tiny crunchy wafers inside so you would bite into the smooth cheese and *crunch, pop crunch*... The texture was phenomenal and it was definitely our favorite part.
Wow RUSH you've done it again! Such care taken to each dish during the lunch hour and for such a reasonable price. I'll be back ;)


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