Rivoli Chop House


Ya know sometimes I should just listen to the reviews and not let my curiosity get the best of me... My dad and I had a lunch date and decided to try out this "chophouse" Rivoli located at 800 6th Avenue. The reviews online have been quite poor but I wanted to give it a shot since it's so close to my office... MEHHH! It was certainly not the best lunch.. the service was pretty slow and I found the prices really high for what we received. I can tell that the rent in this place is not economical and unfortunately that is reflected on their menu prices. Luckily it's Friday and we sat on the sunny patio so those were both bonuses. The restaurant looks quite nice, crisp and clean on the inside which is unassuming with the old-looking black awning with yellow writing. I expected it to be dark and old fashioned inside but instead it was light with lots of white. Here is what we had:
My dad ordered the reuben sandwich with fries for $16... $16 and you get frozen crinkle fries? I didn't even know they make these anymore... Kinda tacky. A reuben sandwich is a hot sandwich of layered meat, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese with a dressing. In this case he had raw onion and green pepper in his.... Strange... Especially the raw part.
I ordered the sirloin salad which I was quite disappointing in when it arrived because of it's small size for $16. Normally entree sized salads are double this size and I immediately ordered a French onion soup when it came out. Look at all that raw onion! Who the hell likes raw onion like that? Some caramelized onions would have been superb and really taken this salad to the next level. I liked the large amount of blue cheese in the upper right corner but I wouldn't order this again. 
When I ordered the French onion soup for $8 I asked how long it take to make. The waiter assured me "2 minutes!"... Eek is that a good thing or a bad thing? Aka. your nuking it in the microwave or what? The soup ended up taking around 12 minutes to come out (not that I was timing it) and it was really lackluster. The cheese was too gooey somehow and there was too much of it.. A big fat MEH from this gal.


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