Our Garden :)


My house hubby sent me a bunch of photos from around our garden yesterday and I wanted to share them with you! This is the first year we didn't have to finish a concrete pad, plant trees or build a fence so we really went to town with our flowers and veggie garden. *so proud!* ... I suppose it does help when you have a professional gardener! Here are all of our plants fully grown for the season. aka. my zen zone. Happy Tuesday!
HUGE wild sunflowers... They went nuts!
Flower bed beneath the sunflowers.... Started out looking A LOT more sparse!
We've gotten SO many tomatoes from this plant this summer :)
Green bell pepper (and prickly weed hehe)
Peas, carrots & Fraggle!
Carrots!!! YuMmMm
James is pretty damn proud of his corn that he planted alternately beside the sunflowers
Clematis vine James decided to let survive after 98398 lawnmower haircuts haha
Hanging basket and potato box underneath full of potatoes!
Veggie garden on the left and looking up to our deck. Look at the mint going nuts in the far bottom left
Front garden :)


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