Local 522


Before lunch....
Well my Monday just improved ten fold!!! I unexpectedly got to dine with a few of my favorite people at Local 522 located at 522 6th Avenue SW. Local seems to be a prominently male hang out with the ratio being somewhere around 1 woman to 10 men which may be because of its hip atmosphere, good looking waitresses or delicious finger food. Local 522 is one of three "Local's" located throughout Calgary which feature daily food and drink specials. I was trying to be a bit healthy today although next time I am definitely ordering the mac n' cheese! I guess I have had far too many lackluster mac's and am always leery about being disappointed since my standards are so high- this mac fit the bill! Here is what we had to turn our Monday frowns upside down! :D
To start we all split the hummus with chorizo sausage on top and naan bread for $10.75.. Pretty good but overpriced in my opinion for some chick peas and bread :p
I've heard some rave reviews about Local's "mushroom toast" and this unique dish did not disappoint! I would call these more crostini's with roasted mushrooms, chives and a melted cheese of some sort for $9.90. Very good and not the usual pub fare... If you like mushrooms check this dish out!
Chicken burger with tomato, green leaf lettuce, pickle and "mixed fries" that feature both potato and yam, fries with a garlic aioli for dipping.. Love the mixed fries idea and all for $13.04.. Strange price haha
Fuzzy photo but this was the feature today: Greek burger with all of the usual Greek fixings aka. thick slice of feta, tzatziki, tomato, red onion and lettuce with mixed fries.
I ordered the veggie panini with roasted vegetables, hummus, spinach and feta. The best part was the cubes of feta inside and zucchini... Other than that it was a bit bland.. You know what I miss?! Brewster's roasted veg flatbread... Now THAT made me love my veggie choice. The salad was good though- nuts + apples = a happy Andies
The piece des resistance... Sausage mac n' cheese with three different cheeses and Italian sausage for $14.42.. The prices are still throwing me for a loop with there precise cent increments but MAN this was delicious! Although it looks a bit dry on top after the first layer this was piping hot, rich and creamy.... Can't go wrong with some corkscrew noodles and a blend of good quality cheese. NOM!
After lunch... Aren't I handsome ?!


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