Koto Sushi Lounge


MmMmM I always crave sushi so much at lunch for some reason... Normally after a real partying weekend as well for a "recovery" feast. One of my besties and I were craving something besides our usual food court jaunt so we checked out a sushi place that has been all over Groupon lately: Koto Sushi Lounge located at 435 4th Street SW. We arrived at 11:45 and were lucky to nab a table without reservations- this restaurant was packed! Not sure if it was because of the sushi or the beautiful looking creations coming from the kitchen. We were impressed with a free sample we received when we sat down and the array of lightly fried sushi other diners were noshing on and beautiful plating. Here is what we had:
NUM! Here is the free sample we received with what looked to be asparagus on the inside, tuna on the top and a sliver of jalapeno which gave these rolls a real kick. A nice touch to get a free sample don't ya think?
Miso soup for $2. Quite good with a lot of tofu.
Prawn tempura... I always want this when I go for sushi. This batter was really yummy and quite sweet but it was a bit too "battery" for me. I prefer big chunks of prawn and a light batter so I found myself picking off most of this one even though it was yummy tempura... Mental block with batter I guess ;)
This was the sushi/sashimi platter for $22.. A good mix of the basics I suppose but after seeing what was going around after we ordered I would definitely try out some of their funkier rolls next time like the lobster roll which is served with a large fried lobster tail on the plate! The fish was really fresh though and the California rolls really melted in your mouth.
Spicy smoked salmon rolls. Really good but a little heavy on the rice so we filled up a little quick
Next time I will definitely try some of the more unique rolls that Koto offers and step outside the box.. I would try Koto again for sure... It seemed like a regular hot spot and there were a lot of people dining!


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