Last week I had the pleasure of enjoying my first gourmet doughnut from Jelly Modern Doughnuts... O.M.G. this is a treat that won't be soon forgotten. Jelly has been open for about three months at 1414 8th Street SW and  features a doughnut of the day uniquely crafted by pastry chefs and bakers throughout the day. From their website "As Canada's original gourmet doughnut bakery cafe our vision is to create the best doughnut anyone in Canada has ever tasted. We wanted to reinvent the doughnut with sophisticated flavors and high quality ingredients to create a uniquely crafted artisan treat."
I was impressed to see that they even had really reasonable breakfast combo's such as a "breakfast snack box" containing an organic piece of fruit, yogurt and doughnut for $5.25. A dozen doughnuts will run you around $24.95 which I think is really reasonable considering a dozen Crave Cupcakes is $31.95 and I would eat a Jelly Modern doughnut over a far too sweet Crave cupcake ANY DAY! The doughnut was so light and fresh compared to a heavy Krispy Kreme or a dried out Tim Horton's doughnut. I was excited to learn you can also order "three bite" doughnuts for a smaller snack which is what I decided on... Here are some photos of their selection and our delicious selections!:
Maple bacon. Jelly is right on trend with using bacon alongside sweet goodies as this savory ingredient is the new craze in baked goods.
Peanut butter cup on the top and vanilla birthday cake on the bottom. The baker mentioned that none of their donuts are really "injected" with jelly but rather depressed and then filled to the top which I think is really unique.
Red Velvet
Lemon curd
Valrhona chocolate
Nenshi's salted caramel... Oh man these looked goood!
My buddy ended up getting half a dozen... You can also get 16 three bite doughnuts for $24.95
I decided on a three bite peanut butter cup doughnut and Aman got a maple bacon.... The peanut butter cup tasted like a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen or something... BEST DOUGHNUT OF MY LIFE!!! After taking his first bite Aman proclaimed "I'm going to cry"... Damn good.... So damn good!
Check out Jelly for some gourmet doughnuts or an office treat... What a great idea for a business and look out Crave- there are some new kids on the block.


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