East Side Marios


I've said it once... And I'll say it again... I am NOT a huge fan of box store restaurants that are cookie cutter, often American and normally sub par. A friend convinced me to try out East Side Marios again for the first time in 7 years last night and I caved due to hunger and convenience... Wish I would have took the extra half hour to find somewhere unique! It wasn't an awful meal by any means. The service was extremely kind, the ambiance contained around 35 crystal chandeliers and there were big colorful pictures on the menu. It just wasn't the best. It was average and I don't think I will be frequenting their establishment again any time soon. My plate of pasta was $16.99 and the pasta and sauce were not fresh.. We could have headed to Chianti's for pasta night for $7.99. Ah well live and learn! We went to the Shawnessy location and this is what we ordered:
Most entrees come with endless garlic bread, soup or salad. The garlic bread was quite good and we did in fact have two loaves with garlic butter.
I regretted ordering endless Italian wedding soup instead of the salad which looked a lot fresher. You can tell this come pre-made and the meatballs were really fabricated tasting... Not the best Italian soup I have had by a mile.. My favorite is still Luciano's!
This is the regular sized pepperoni pizza for $14.99 which is generous for the price but also didn't taste very fresh.. Kinda reminded me of frozen pizza.... I like when there is more cheese than sauce too! I'm picky with za remember ;)
Here is my "Peppercorn Alfredo" for $16.99 which apparently won an award. Like I said... Not fresh pasta or sauce and the crostini was smothered with goat cheese in the photo with a big slab of portobello mushroom and red pepper... There was barely a DROP of dried out goat cheese on this crostini. I was only able to eat half. The chicken seemed gelatinous or something as well. Okay call me picky but this is NOT the place to go for pasta in this city! You can get far better quality for cheaper at other establishments.


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