Cruffs! The House of Cream Puffs


From Cruff's website
Specialty baked goods seem to be all the rage right now in Calgary from cupcakes to doughnuts to cream puffs. Cruffs is a "bakery specializing in cream puffs to indulge the cravings of cream puff lovers" located at 2312A-4th Street S.W. right beside Vin Room. The shells are baked daily and you can choose from a variety of fillings such as vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, strawberry, lemon, coconut, pistachio, banana and more. You can choose either a regular size for $1.95 (which are pretty damn big!) or a mini size for only $1.25. We thought the price point was beyond reasonable and although the decor in Cruffs was by no means swanky, the puffs spoke for themselves. WOWZA!!! Here are some photos!:
They were sold out of the regular size and these are all dipped mini's for $1.50 that you could then fill with whatever filling you would like. There were also plain cream puffs to be filled as you wish.
I chose a cookies and cream puff and filled it with hazelnut chocolate filling
Chanty chose the chocolate dipped
This one looked delicious!
Our cream puffs getting filled!
Moaning ensued.....


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