WEST Rooftop Patio


My boss' daughter came into work the past few days and we hit up WEST's rooftop patio as a special treat. I've been hearing SO much about this patio but haven't had a chance to hit it up yet.. It is the largest patio in Calgary boasting cabana furniture, its very own kitchen, bar and service staff, fireplaces and views of Stephen Ave. They've done a really nice job and I could see my lunches roll into after work drinks at this downtown playground. We had a really yummy meal as well even though nothing initially jumped out at me on the menu. Here is what we noshed on in the beautiful sunshine yesterday:

My boss had the chicken club with bacon, lettuce and tomato on a ciabatta bun and regular fries. WEST also offers "frites" which are fancied up fries drizzled with truffle oil and grated Parmesan cheese.

My boss is also a cattle rancher and his daughter, Cassidy, LOVES beef. She chose the 10 oz. N.Y. striploin for $28 and raved about it. She had fries and gravy as well... Perfect grill marks ;)

I was initially sad they had removed the AMAZING brie quesadilla from their menu... Until I tried THIS "pan"... This seafood dish had salmon, halibut, mussels, clams and peppers in an unbelievable sweet tomato sauce. The sauce was SO good I cannot stop thinking about it.. I think this dish was called the "capiocolla" or something along those lines for $24. Sourdough is my favorite type of bread and an entire garlic & Parmesan loaf was there to help me soak up this delicious sauce. Great meal and beauty presentation.

Cass ordered the "trio of gelato" for dessert but only wanted the passion fruit flavor so we each got a little bowl... Nothing better than smooth, cold gelato on a hot day!
I really enjoy WEST's atmosphere and menu items... Although a bit disorganized at times the staff seem to be coming around as well.


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