Weekend EATS!


 Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend... Although James and I were supposed to go camping our weekend took a tragic turn on Friday morning when one of our closest friend's was hit by a car in Lethbridge, AB. We rushed to the hospital and were elated to hear that he was going to be okay but was pretty banged up with a broken pelvis, thumb and tons of road rash. Dusty lived with James and I for 7 months in 2009 and we've all become really close since then. I was devastated hearing that he was hurt but SO happy to hear that he would make a full recovery. What a shock... We spent Friday in Lethbridge and checked out a bistro right beside where the hit and ran occurred early in the morning on Friday August 12th. Here's what we dined on:

We found this great looking: "Miro Bistro" 212 5 Street South and decided on the scallops for an entree with a cauliflower cream sauce and a section of yam we divided amongst the scallops. Yum! How can you go wrong with scallops?

James decided on the chicken sandwich and salad for $17. Although there was a full chicken breast in the sandwich he was a bit disappointed in its size and was still pretty hungry after the meal... The chicken was really moist and delicious though!

I chose the pheasant ravioli in a creamy basil sauce which was heavenly! There were 4 homemade pasta sheets stuffed with pheasant... My only complaint was there could have been something else in the stuffing such as ricotta or mushrooms. I've never dined on pheasant before though and found it quite similar to chicken. Great sauce!

After driving home on Friday we did NOT feel like cooking. It is really unusual for James and I to dine out together twice in one day, especially when we are not on holidays, but we did not feel like cooking after the emotionally exhausting day. We hit up Berwicks Pub in Cranston for some pub grub. Berwicks is NOT my favorite menu by any means. I can never find anything on their menu and am always disappointed in the food. Wish we had a Coach & Horses down by our place- now THAT is good pub grub with a crazy selection. These nachos were OKAY but I would prefer to have the sour cream and salsa on the side for dipping. There was not much cheese and this side of guacamole ran us $4!!! PFFT!

Due to the lack of menu items I chose a side salad which was quite good for $6.99... Thought it was a bit pricey for what it was too....

MMMM! I also had the French Onion soup which was HELLA GOOD! French Onion soup can often be way too salty or not cheesy enough. This was the perfect balance of cheese, bread and salt. Great portion size as well. I can see why this is one of their signature dishes!

On Saturday James and I embarked on a 4.5 bike riding adventure from Auburn Bay to Douglasdale to see my parent's garage sale followed by a stop at this great Bakery/Cafe in a historic building by The Ranche Restaurant: Annie's bakery! YUM!

At Annie's Bakery we both dined on the elk peppered salami sandwich on a bagel since they didn't have any bread left. DELICIOUS! I love elk on the best of days but elk salami? Yum! There were thick slices of dill pickle, mustard and an aioli on the sandwich as well. The soup of the day was as white bean and chorizo soup which was clearly homemade. I would definitely stop at Annie's again to try out a freshly baked scone or their grilled cheese :)

Did I mention we had ice cream too ? Annie's also serves McKay Ice Cream

There were 4 weddings down here on Saturday! WOWZA!


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