Sushi twice in 18 hours?! YEP! Forgot I had a lunch date for sushi today and yesterday evening James and I were craving it ... Who feels like cooking in +30 degrees anyways?! I have had quite a few people suggest "Haru Sushi" to me located right behind High Street in McKenzie Towne. Comically enough the owner and my usual waiter at Aji Sai served us as he is the same owner for both Aji Sai in Cranston and Haru in McKenzie Towne... The menu was a bit different and I like the Aji Sai platter better than the Haru platter but we had some really great rolls to choose from. Here is what we dined on!:

Pretty plate :) We started with a 6 piece prawn tempura. Mmmm prawn tempura is my favorite. Tempura is such a nicer word than "deep fried".. These guys were $8.99

For something different we tried the "Katsu age?" eek can't remember but it was tempura chicken with this delicious sweet chili aioli on top. These were a tad greasy and had dark meat inside but still pretty tasty.

Tuna and smoked salmon sushi. Really fresh and delicious

Mmmm these two rolls were delicious: creamy scallop on the left with a sweet mayo-like sauce and crunchy spicy tuna. I love crunchy spicy sushi!!! There were huge chunks of scallop in the creamy scallop as well.

These "Golden California" rolls were by far our favorite!!! DELICIOUS! Lightly battered and popped in the deep fryer for a few minutes. The temperature and creaminess with the avocado was heavenly. Really loved the sauce drizzled over top as well. If you see "Golden ____" be sure to try this roll out :)

Look at that BEAUTIFUL salmon! The best thing about Yamato is not only it's succulent looking salmon: the price is hard to beat! On Monday's you get 3 sushi pieces for the price of 2 and Tuesday's is $1 sushi!!! Luckily this little gem is located just a block from my office: 704 7th Avenue SW. The trick with this place is to get there EARLY! We arrived at 11:30 am and by noon it was lined up out the door.

I really appreciated the generous portions of fish on each piece of sushi. Look at my tuna in the front and salmon sashimi!!! In the back left-right I got a special scallop (my favorite), BBQ eel and a rainbow roll. The rainbow roll was a bit disappointing with no avocado or mango and it was a bit on the chewy side. Next time I will be sticking to the nigiri sushi with their generous portions and gorgeous salmon. Although the decor is a bit of a downgrade from trendier sushi eateries, aka. green tea in a paper cup, Yamato makes up for the ambiance in the quality of their fish. Delish :)


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