Redwater Grille- Macleod Trail


August 2nd this year marked James and my second wedding anniversary. We received a gift certificate to Redwater for Christmas and decided to check the one on Macleod to celebrate. Me? Want dinner for a present? Never! teehehe. I have dined here a few times and haven't been overly excited about the prices and menu but we had a GREAT anniversary meal!!! My thoughts prior to this experience were "this is just an overpriced Moxies"... Not the case... We were extremely impressed with the service and quality of the food. We let them know ahead of time that it was a special occasion and they gave us great seats by the see-through wine cooler, a complimentary glass of wine and free dessert! Super impressed! Although nothing really jumped out at us on the menu to order we really enjoyed what we chose. Here is what we had:

The flavors in this ahi tuna carpaccio were AMAZING! Nothing really jumped out at us but I felt like something light for an appetizer. The thinly sliced raw tuna was served with avocado mousse, pickled beets (perfect little beet cubes), chips and cilantro cream for $15

James chose the special that night which was a bison steak with truffle mashed potatoes, asparagus, & peppercorn sauce for $40. Certainly not the cheapest entree on the menu but truly delicious. The potatoes were heaven! The bison was a tad gamy which was to be expected so he liked my meal better ;)

This is the 6 oz. Alberta beef tenderloin for $31 with a side of scallops for $9. The seasoning was DELICIOUS on the scallops. Flavorful but not enough so that would overpower the sweetness of the scallops. I enjoyed choosing two sides and asked for the truffle mash from the entree special and mini portobello mushrooms.. YUM!

Here is our complimentary dessert. What a classy move! This was a strawberry mousse with white chocolate. WOWZA was this a nice way to finish our delicious meal!
I would give Redwater another try for lunch downtown or when their fall specials come out. Thanks for the great service on our anniversary Redwater!


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