Double Zero Pizza


I got an invite to Double Zero Pizza for lunch today and was SO excited to check it out... As you know pizza is my favorite food and this new hot spot is a mere block from my office *evil cackle*. Located in the old Tangerine Supper Club downstairs location at 751 4th Street SW Double Zero serves up Neapolitan style thin crust pizzas all topped with marzano tomatoes and Alberta mozzarella. The name Double Zero refers to Italian 00 grade flour which is the most finely ground type of flour in existence and is commonly used for pizza dough in Italy. Double Zero also offers gluten free pizza for an additonal $3... Although the ambiance was extremely LOUD for my business meeting and we had trouble hearing each other, I liked the atmosphere for a night out with friends or a more casual lunch. Here is what we dined on:

To start the 4 of us split the large caesar salad for $14 which was VERY good! See the anchove sitting on top?! Proof of a great homemade dressing with freshly shaved reggiano chese on top and homemade croutons. This is the best caesar salad I have had in a while.

Something about a pizza tower gets me all hot and bothered...

This is the "confit chicken" pizza for $18 with fontina cheese, mushrooms and smoked pancetta aka bacon. I loved the grilled lemon on the top of this pizza which really added a tang and went surprisingly well with all of the ingredients. I even ended up squirting some lemon on the other pizza too! I love sour stuff and was one of those kids that would suck on a lemon in a restaurant as a kid.There were plenty of mushrooms and great flavor. Of course I could always go for more cheese with Neapolitan pizzas but still yummy.

This was the "pepperoni" pizza that had thinly sliced calabrese sausage. I really enjoyed the flavor of the tomato sauce on this one and again- could have used some more cheese but really yummy. We had two pizzas for 4 of us... I was STARVING and could have had one to myself but am glad I didn't! FOOD COMA!
I want to check out 00's spinach and potato pizza with a farm egg in the middle... Glad they are only a block away ;)


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