Salt & Pepper Mexican in Inglewood


I rode a mechanical bull, a horse, a cowboy.... I hit Ranchmans, Desperados, Nashville North & Cowboys... I consumed a grotesque amount of pizza, corn dogs and draft beer... I'm not sad to hang up my boots for another year! The Stampede has come and gone for another year... Thank GOD! I am ready to get back to normal and be a recluse for a few days. Yesterday a bunch of us went rafting down the Bow River and afterward my husband wanted to go to his favorite pub: The Hose & Hound... I put up quite a fight because I am not a fan of their menu at all and convinced us all to go to Salt & Pepper in the Club Paradiso location at 1413 - 9 Avenue SE... It was SOOO good. The best Mexican I have had in a long time and the mole sauce was out of this WORLD! Here is what we ate:
Guacamole mmm. Had lettuce in there as well which was refreshing!
For an appetizer James and I split the mushrooms filled with chorizo & cheese for $9.74.. I was a bit disappointed as I have had these at the McLeod location for Salt & Pepper and they were actual mushroom caps where this was more like a dip. James preferred this over mushroom caps though.
One of my dates had the calamari for his appetizer and felt there was a small amount for the price: $11.74 but liked the two dipping sauces.
For an entree one of our buddies had the "Tacos Tacos Tacos" platter for $13.97. There were three tacos topped with lettuce, sour cream & cheese. Served with refried beans, guac & rice.
Las Enchiladas with chicken, cheese and your choice of basil, bean or mole sauce. This mole sauce was the BEST I have ever had.. Sweet and savory at the same time.
This photo does NOT do this amazing plate of food justice. James and I split the "Chef's Platter" for $21.74 each and I highly recommend it!!! From left to right we have quesadillas, guacamole, enchiladas, taquitos, adobo pork chops, rice, refried beans and there was also a pepper stuffed with cheese... DROOL! I could eat this again today...
This Inglewood location has a beautiful patio and the staff were extremely friendly. I sipped away on a sangria and shaken margarita.. What a fun place to eat! I will definitely be back.


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