Ric's Grill


I have been wanting to try Ric's Grill forever since a bunch of my friends have raved about it. This chain started up in Kelowna in 1998 when an employee of The Keg thought "I could do this". Famous for their steaks and yummy appetizers I was excited to take a few clients here yesterday for lunch. I found the menu a bit pricey for lunch for what it is compared to many gourmet restaurants downtown that do 3 courses for $25 or entrees from $9-$20... We sat on the patio in the +32 degree weather and this is what we dined on...
My client's chose this DELICIOUS Mediterranean dip with pita chips. There were olives, tomatoes, cream cheese, cheese and it was SUPER yummy. I highly recommend this dip and I'm not usually a "dip girl"
My one client ordered this salmon burger with a caesar salad. I was surprised it was not an actual salmon filet and instead ground tuna mixed with some herbs... Hope it wasn't from a can! HA!
This is the prime rib flat bread with BBQ sauce and red onion. My date mentioned it was a bit dry but the spinach salad was really delicious. I had a bite and found it really flavorful but in need of an aioli or something.
I chose the "curry bowl" for $21.95 with prawns and scallops. I found it to be quite expensive and the green curry wasn't my favorite.. There were 2 prawns and 2 scallops, mango, red peppers, peas, a few tiny carrots served on rice. MEH!
I really want to revisit Ric's Grill for dinner and try their mushroom caps, escargot and STEAK of course which is their specialty. What do you think of Ric's Grill ?


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