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Ahhh what a CRAZY busy week at work! One of the busiest in recent memory... It fly by though and I hope you have a great weekend. We are heading to the mountains for a hike tomorrow morning and visiting my family at a cabin they rented in Windermere. Can't wait! Bring on the weekend and some R & R. Here is some of my eats in the past few days... Have an awesome weekend!!!
I met my husband and another couple who plays hockey with him at Coach & Horses on Wednesday night. It was wing night so we ordered some wings and look at this massive delicious looking French Onion soup... Mmmm! She said it was AWESOME! Loaded with cheese and a really thick slice of bread as well.
The Coach & Horses is located around Millrise and has a large variety of wing flavors. These are "Greek" and pretty much tasted like salt & pepper with a bit of garlic on them. Kinda dry but I was in a crispy mood so they worked out great.
Parmesan hot.. Great flavor!
I'm still discovering new restaurants around my office and the Vietnamese place "Spring Roll Chalet" across from the court house at 614 6th Avenue is GREAT value. This bowl was only $10 with vermicelli noodles, REALLY great tender grilled chicken that wasn't even grisly or dark meat like a lot of Vietnamese places, peanuts, spring rolls and fish sauce YUM!
Mmmm... I have a thing for Vietnamese spring rolls. These guys are only $1.75 each and are HUGE! Packed with flavor and meat.... They were piping hot as well and made to order. YUM!
I was waiting on a friend to meet the other day and popped into Big T's BBQ for some deep fried pickles... YUM! I prefer them with a grainy mustard but ranch went pretty good actually.
James is SUCH a good cook! I came home to this after an extremely long day of work... Instant cheer up!!! Pork chops with grilled apple, baby potatoes, apple sauce and corn. The grilled apple he brushed with maple syrup and apple sauce. TO DIE FOR! *Lucky girl*
Thought I would include some photos from my garden this year as well... I don't just eat! I like to garden toooo! I grew these babies from seeds and they are going CRAZY right now... All different colors of the rainbow. Love them!
Our veggie garden has really taken off. In the foreground you can see the beets really like it in the shade by the fence along with some parsley, a big sunflower and peppermint/mint in the background.
The sunflowers have grown 2 ft. since this photo a week ago. Can't believe it!
Love the way my front tree box is looking this year.. Never looked so good. YAY!
Lilies finally bloomed too. Had no clue what color they were going to be.
Have a great weekend!


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