Melrose Cafe & Bar


Beautiful bride to be!
Theme of the stagette
"The Heart of The Red Mile", located at 730 17th Avenue SW, is a great place to load up on some yummy grub and drinks before hitting the town or basking in the sun on their gorgeous and spacious patio. I was on a stagette Saturday which started at Melrose and continued onto Ranchman's via party bus. What a fantastic night!!! I haven't eaten at Melrose in a while and forgot how great their food was. The fries are my favorite- love chefs that keep the skin on and use older potatoes to make a darker and more flavorful fry. Here is what we ate and ab it of the debauchery ;)
Melrose provided us with some complimentary pink champagne to start our night off! Classy move! ;)
"Spinach salad with cucumbers, mushrooms, blended cheese, two crispy bacon strips and drizzled with Italian vinaigrette served with a side of marble garlic loaf." from their website
Pepperoni flatbread pizza
Look at those beautiful fries!!! This is the "Club Flatbread" which was a filling sandwich and perfect before a night of drinking. It had grilled chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes. I would say that these fries were a tad salty although the coloring was fantastic.
Pesto flatbread with chicken
Oh. My. Word. Doesn't this poutine look amazing?! Yep it was ...
Mmmm this blog post is making me SO hungry! This is Melrose stir fry with sauteed vegetables on rice pilaf served with your choice of spicy szechuan or teriyaki sauce and grilled chicken. Pretty presentation.
Ladies before boarding the Cowboy Party bus!
Stopping for some photos and a gorgeous view of the city.
Our awesome host Conrad!


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