Melange Restaurant & Gastro Lounge (again)!


I was en route to work Monday morning and received a free appetizer voucher from Melange located at 644 6th Ave SW so thought I would check it out again... You can see my first review here on their very first lunch service ever so I wanted to give them another try after they have had a few weeks more experience. Our waiter was very attentive... Almost smotheringly so but very nice and informative about their menu. I was happy to see that they now have a choice of multi grain, brown or white for their "grown up grilled cheese" selection. Melange opens at 6:00 am in the morning and serves breakfast as well... I find this a bit unusual as the place always seems pretty dead in the morning. I think they need a sandwich board on the street to let people know they are open for breakfast. They had their usual "Norther American dim sum" coming around when we walked in. Our waiter informed us the dim sum offerings change each day and there are 25 varieties throughout the week. I love appetizers so I think this is a neat idea. All orders are submitted to the kitchen via an iPad and they now have a little tally on your table for the amount of "dim sum" appys you choose for $3/piece. Although we were looking forward to the shrimp cocktail/spring rolls that were headed to other tables they never made it to ours unfortunately but here is what we did dine on!:
For our first selection of dim sum we chose the yam tempura with a really great aioli. The yams were cooked perfectly but unfortunately the tempura itself was soggy and not crisp at all. I mentioned this to the waiter just as a general comment and he immediately ran to the kitchen to get another one made up for us.... We didn't really want another order and told him this but he was insistent. We had finished our entrees and he came back to inform us that the kitchen had tried two other batches with the same results so we declined the second round of soggy tempura.
For my dim sum I chose this selection of hot wings which had honey garlic, sweet chili and hot. I found the honey garlic to be a bit "saucy" or too drenched but all in all not bad.
My work wife chose the "Brie Grown Up Grilled Cheese" with chicken, spinach and poached apple on multi grain. She raved about it and really loved this sandwich for $14
Lisa got fries as a side.. I have to say- these are Melange's strong point. These home cut fries are out of this world delicious and you can tell they are homemade. I love that they keep the skin on and are well seasoned. YUM!!!
I ordered the Cobb salad for $14.... The big cube of blue cheese and the avocado were definitely the best parts.. I found the entire salad to be quite small for a meal size and the bowl was WAY too small to mix the salad around and cut the chicken into bite sized pieces. I had to ask the waiter for a side plate to cut everything. The worst part was the dressing.. Extremely sweet when normally cobb salad is paired with a savory dressing such as blue cheese or ranch. I would order this again if it was served in a larger bowl and you could choose your dressing.


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