Important Bakery Tips For a Birthday Cake


Kids Happy Birthday and other cakes. At the time of his birth, he loved the idea of ​​waiting for a delicious cake, according to their instructions and orders of preference.

Therefore, in this specific moment in the idea of ​​a birthday cake child birth is very original, the selection of favorite cartoon, superhero, landscaping or other similar materials. They can be very satisfied with their evaluation and more than willing to rock festivals!

And yes ... Why not add something unusual for this time? Let the cake from the bakery of your own! They do not know a good deal? For cakes instead of thinking seems to be ad impossible, but not the kind of job you really can!

Technically, the cake - the recipe for the first time I've gone through many changes. If, however, been little change in its raw form, but the flavor and texture can make big changes in terms of quality and beaten on the cake for the transition from active yeast. To start a cake, 200 g of flour, half a tablespoon of good quality, do not forget to add baking soda.

Make way for the elegant cake to do everything right and collect as much air as possible. Velvet cake and continue to participate actively in the process and wait for the cream was the first time since the beginning of this preparation very easy.

The key to remember here that is not what is above or below the speed of all these elements in a circular motion, touch. This cake simple and convenient to pick up the cake and add more air needed to fill.

Think fast, I'm here. Heat the mixture for an hour or so and just wait for the delicious cookies come out soft and strong!

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