Fuji Yama on 17th Ave


I was honored to be invited wedding dress shopping with my sister-in-law on Sunday and a bunch of us dined at Fuji Yama right below Ethos on 17th Avenue beforehand. I didn't even know this basement sushi restaurant existed in this location at 908-17th Avenue SW but have eaten at the original Fuji Yama located at 118A 5 Avenue SW. Although our waitress was a bit slow and inattentive the sushi was quite fresh and when we put the pressure on her to rush our order so we could make the appointment she pulled up her socks. Here is what we had... Love how sushi is such an art form and so beautiful to photograph!:
On the left there are some California & Philadelphia rolls combined with some nigiri that was ordered off of the sushi menu. The avocado was so ripe it melted in your mouth. Yum! Really clean fish too meaning it didn't have any fishy flavor and that it was fresh.
I had the "lunch roll combo" which ended up being a ton of food and I had leftovers for $13.95. The meal was started off with salad and miso soup followed by the combination of three rolls below.
The middle rolls were almost a bit too much and a bit too filling.. I think I would have finished my meal had these middle rolls been smaller. On the left there is a salmon roll, "house special" in the middle and a California roll with masago on the right. Very good!
One of the ladies had the lunch special and chose three entrees for $13.95 alongside her soup and salad: sashimi, house roll and a few nigiri. This looks like the perfect amount!
Spicy tuna roll and a BBQ eel with my fav: special scallop right in the middle.
Not the best photo but easily the yummiest roll! This was the sweet mango roll with mango, cream cheese, mayo, salmon, avocado, heaven and angel dust... YUM!

Caterpillar roll with crunchy prawn tempura, avocado and mayo. Also good but I found the tempura to be a bit thick on the batter.


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