Eating my way through Stampede


Mama loves herself a corn dog with TONS of mustard. YUM!
OOPS... Mustard is the worst to get out too.
The Calgary Stampede is in full swing and I absolutely ADORE the midway food! Corn dogs, cotton candy, deep fried EVERYTHING! It's a foodie's dream. I love all of the different varieties of food and the vast assortment. Corn dogs are definitely my favorite along with a nice slice of za after a few beers in the beer gardens. The breakfast's get a bit overdone but the FOOD... EVERYWHERE THERE IS FOOD! Okay I'm starving just thinking about it. Here are some great Stampede favorites that I witnessed this week so far!:
Now THAT is a whole lot o' chip. YuMm. Fried right on the grounds too.
Deep fried mac n' cheese... Cause mac n' cheese isn't healthy enough on it's own ;)
Vodka freezies at the cantina by the Coke Stage! 6.8%
Here is the beef on a bun at the new Cowboys tent. The chili was great with tons of veggies as well. You could also get potato salad, coleslaw and corn but the corn was pretty awful. $25 lunch buffet.. Not worth $25 but everything is jacked up during Stampede- a veggie platter here was $90!!! And the chips and salsa? $45! OY!
Home of the now famous- DONUT BURGER
There it is.. .In all of its disgusting glory-The award winner for "Best New Food" at the Stampede. I didn't attempt this one but it is the food everyone has been talking about this year!
Lemonade! Great to add vodka too ;) ... I love how they use freshly squeezed lemons. Yummm
Another new food this year was the deep fried pop tart. Pretty and colorful but I don't like pop tarts on the best of days :S
Deep fried pork tenderloin cutlet sandwich
WINNING! Bacon IN the pancakes... Saw these on the way to work today!
Waffle dog. It's a hot dog wrapped in a waffle. Photos to follow courtesy the Calgary Stampede Blog
Porkchop on a stick... Looks kinda nasty
Macaroni and cheese pizza... I think this is a great idea BAHAHA!
"Kubie Korn Balls".... Corn fritter balls with bits of kielbasa sausage.
Deep fried oreos... Wonder if they would be melty and delicious?!
Deep fried Snickers bar. Ate these a lot in Thailand!
Happy Stampeding Cowfolks!!!!


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