Chicago Chophouse (again hehe)


As mentioned my building is right behind Chicago Chophouse so it has become my new go-to lunch haunt with clients! I was a good girl last time and checked out the sirloin salad but felt like something a bit more decadent this time....I decided on the Chicago Club and finally got to try out their lobster mac n' cheese! I am a bit bias because I am OBSESSED/IN LOVE with Vintage mac n' cheese but it ran a pretty close second surprisingly... Okay who am I kidding I wept into my tiny portion and wished for spiral noodles, baked-on cheese and more lobster meat! BAHAHA! It was a yummy meal though and it WAS included as a side for only $17... here is what my date and I both ordered:
Here is my side of mac n' cheese... I suppose it had to be small to still be counted as one of their sides. I'm just used to a big half order... You could really taste the truffle oil and three different types of cheese in the sauce.
The club was FANTASTIC! It was chalk full of juicy chicken breast, avocado, wild boar bacon (yummm!), aged Canadian cheddar, lettuce and tomato. You had your choice of marbled rye or sourdough and I chose the sourdough. Really great sandwich and they didn't skimp on the filling at all. The pickle was also a sweet dill and really tasty.
Mama is always happy with a pickle! NUM! Thought this pic showed the small portion of mac hehe ;)
Close up! MmMm perfectly cooked boar bacon... :D


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