Belgo Brasserie


Belgo is located at 501 8th Avenue and is one restaurant that I would say I've "rediscovered". The first time I ate there I had a bad meal but since then I've had some really great dishes and decided to take my lunch date there today. I also found it a bit pricey in the past but their salads are delicious and they always have really fresh ingredients. I love how they have a huge seafood tower that you can get as an app (one day I will order this!!!) and a charcuterie platter (one of the hottest new restaurant trends which features a platter of fine cooked and dry-cured meats often accompanied by cheese or pickles). I was in the mood for something more comforting than salad and tried something out of the box. We were both in a chicken mood I suppose and here is what we noshed on:
My pregnant date ordered the "Club Maison" which is a sandwich with grilled chicken, bacon, aged cheddar, lettuce, tomato and fire roasted red pepper aioli with a house salad for $17. UNFORTUNATELY the chicken was a bit pink so she had to send her meal back- she didn't want to take any chances with being pregnant obviously. The waiter was attentive and we had a new sandwich in literal MINUTES! Seemed as though someone just lost their meal ;) .. They also put the meal in as half price which we thought was good thanks to the speedy sandwich delivery.
Close up. The half in the back seemed to be the most raw.
I chose the "Chicken Forestier" which was half a roast chicken sitting on top of a chevre (goat cheese) and bacon quiche with a wild mushroom jus for $23. Mmmmm. Beautiful presentation. The quiche was easily one of the best I've ever had and what a great idea for a side! The chicken was good if not a bit filling... My biggest complaint would be that the skin wasn't crispy at all really but kind of flabby so I peeled it off. I love crispy chicken skin so that was a bit disappointing.
The other side view.
I want to go back to Belgo to try their seafood platter and mac n' cheese when I am in the mood for indulging.. I love how it is right around the corner from me now too! ;)


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