Yummy Cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery


If you feel the weight of the world on his shoulders, and the last is that they all need to do is over and head to Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery. The best way this gem in a bakery in the lower east side, to know if your feeling smooth and lift mood.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery is not just a bakery. It's wonderful. How, you ask? Well, for starters, try a large selection of desserts, cakes and good for your taste buds elegant baskets ooit'n chance there. The main purpose of the baker, who in 2003 made ​​the world more than a sweet smell to sell. His goal is to sell sugar Sunday lovely experience for their customers back and continue to enjoy and appreciate the time spent at Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery has a fantastic selection of delicious cakes completely. Siege is very interesting and attractive, and hence the name for various baskets. Cake imaginatively as "Sassy Red Velvet"and "Lemon interesting name, definitely grab your attention and will certainly try, try one of them.

Only the full size of the cake and cheap at $ 1.50 per Cupcake, so try a few of them elected out of a great show not only break the budget. Cake filling and worth every penny. Delicious cream and sugar and eggs and moist, tasty cake is a winner and be sure to continue. Unlike other features delicate cookies are the best over all.

In short the quality, amazing and different types of sugar Sweet Sunshine Cake pastries, bakery tour of another and they deserve better.


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