Prego Cucina Italiana


Prego is a fantastic place to go for lunch downtown. Owned by an authentic Italian who has a great reputation for delicious, homemade pasta, I always have a good meal in this Eau Claire Mall eatery. Located on the second floor with a nice patio overlooking Prince's Island Park I enjoy the delicious food, handsome waiters and it is one of the ONLY patios downtown that you can actually make a reservation on. My girlfriend and I dined here for lunch today and scored a great patio seat... Until we saw this coming:
A little foreboding dontcha think?! We caught the few last rays of sunshine and the wind just started HOWLING! Luckily they were able to seat us at a tiny table when you first walk in and accommodate the rest of the patio diners. I was impressed because the restaurant inside was packed!!!
My date dined on the tortellini dolce which is tortellini stuffed with candied salmon in a rose sauce with asparagus for $18.. TO DIE FOR! The tortellini was cooked perfectly and the asparagus had the perfect amount of crunch.
I had the tortellini gorgonzola (shocker) with sauteed mushrooms in a gorgonzola cream sauce... DELICIOUS! It was very rich and I barely finished it... What a great dish! It was back by popular demand for $18
Check out Prego for lunch or dinner and some eye candy too ;) ... If you need help ordering the friendly staff will be happy to assist you or even create a special chef inspired plate for you!


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