Melange Restaurant & Gastro Lounge


Melange JUST opened at 644 6th Avenue SW on June 24th and had it's first lunch rush yesterday when I dined with two of my girlies from work.. Melange was giving out free appetizer vouchers en route to work so we decided to give them a try. The vouchers must have been a hit because Melange was very busy for their first lunch service ever... My thoughts on this restaurant are hmmmmm.... Very interesting... The menu is very small with salads, "grown up grilled cheese", "crepadillas", a burger and only 3 entrees. The female waitresses were all wearing the same pale blue bridesmaid looking dress and the men were wearing black shirts with ties that matched the dresses.We were wondering if this is their uniform or if their dresses will be changing periodically? I have never seen such a thing. I have also never seen "dim sum" listed as an appetizer... The staff came around with three different selections of "dim sum" appetizers we could say yes or no to for $3 each plate... Here is what we had:
These meat springrolls were brought around for the first round of "dim sum" and all of us took part. My favorite part to any meal is the appetizer so I thought it was unique they were going around with little appetizer samplers although we think it could get confusing as different waiters were bringing each round and didn't appear to be recording which table took what. These were really good and hot.. I liked the sweet sauce that went with them.
We split the plate of crab cakes amongst us and they were quite good as well. Sweet and we liked the mayo drizzled over top. We still couldn't get over dim sum coming around at lunch! HA! So random.
These crispy and sweet wings were my favorite dim sum item... Delicious!
Melange's menu was very small but they did have 4 choices for "grown up grilled cheese" sandwiches. I chose the brie, poached apple and chicken sandwich for $13 which was good but I was surprised to see it served open faced and was looking forward to that closed ooze.. The most disappointing part was the bread... White "Wonderbread" type style sandwich bread ?! It really didn't do anything for the sandwich and French bread or some type of sourdough would have been MUCH better... We were all pretty disappointed with the evil white bread that we try to avoid in our own kitchens.
My side salad was pretty and colorful with a variety of vegetables and clear effort put into it. The honey vinaigrette was also really good. Best side salad I have had in a while!
My date had the cheddar grilled cheese with dijon mustard, bacon, and tomato for $11... There was supposed to be avocado on it but there was none to be found. Chanty made hers a closed sandwich and raved about the dijon mustard. She really enjoyed it.. The vermicelli salad in the background was different but not too bad either. You also had the choice of potato salad, caesar, tossed or vermicelli for all meals
I think the "dim sum" appetizer idea is really unique and it's nice to see restaurants switching it up... Although it did seem a bit hectic and chaotic at times I think Melange is off to a great start. If I was to dine here again I would hope the dim sum will be different, I would DEFINITELY try the home cut fries because they look AMAZING and I would hope their sandwich bread for the grilled cheese improves. Best of luck Melange!


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