The Keg


James surprised me yesterday when he picked me up from the train and said "let's go to The Keg!" Yay!!! We are starting a cleanse on Monday so we want to get all of our favorite meals out of the way this week... I have been craving The Keg's "Mushroom Neptune" and escargot for weeks now so I was super excited when he suggested it. We like The Keg because the bottles of wine are so reasonable and the appetizers are our FAVORITE! Although I was a bit disappointed with our entree...
Mmmm... One of our favorite dishes ever. I need to get some baking dishes like this and we have looked everywhere. These are mushrooms stuffed with crab, cream cheese and garlic. Order these!
Escargot! Snails in mushroom caps with TONS of garlic and butter.. I could go for a plate to myself right now
James and I normally split an entree since we get two appetizers. This time we also decided to try a side of their "truffle mac n' cheese" for $5.95... I can see why it was only $5.95.. Not only did I not get a HINT of truffle they just used elbow macaroni and the sauce was really watery and not the best.. I would not order this again. I make a much better mac!
For an entree we split the prime rib cooked to medium and king crab legs for $39.95.. Normally we get the meal split up on two different plates but this time it just came with one and there was barely ANY crab! I was kinda choked at this entree for $40!!! We had a spinach salad alongside and split everything up on our own... If you split an entree in the past you used to automatically get double sides but they have stopped doing this... I left feeling a bit hungry actually. Next time I would get another order of crab legs on the side for $14.95
After dinner I headed to my neighbor Lindsay's place to begin baking some cupcakes for her wedding on Saturday. Her theme is hot pink and black so we found this neon pink dye for the cupcakes.. Love this color!
We are quite proud of our cupcakes! Turned out great and saved her around $500 for making her own cupcakes. I couldn't believe how quickly we completed 96 cupcakes! Lotsa fun :)


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