Courtney- this one is for you! The cupcake industry has sure taken a turn for the profitable and posh in the past 5-10 years. Companies like Crave, Bliss and Buttercream are racking in the dough specializing in the gourmet cakes all over Calgary and Edmonton. My personal favorite is Bliss cupcakes because I find the cake themselves to be a lot more moist than Crave and the icing not so sweet. What is your favorite? Here are some funky cupcakes that made me smile on this beautiful day!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Do do.... Do do..... Do do do do do do CHOMP!
S'more cupcakes
Strawberry lemonade!
Hot chocolate cupcakes
Cupcake garden
Toasted marshmellow
Homemade Hostess cupcakes
Sangria cupcakes! NUM! I love sangria :)
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup... As if a cupcake can be more decadent!
Rock candy cupcakes!
Cupcake frosting tutorial
iPhone cupcakes!
RaInBoW! My favorite :)
Pink poodles!!!
HoOoOo.. great use for Oreo's!
Lemon meringue cupcakes omgggg
How to: Cut the tops of cupcakes, cookie-cutter a heart out, fill with frosting and place back on top!
Snickers cupcakes... *DROOL*
Ice cream bowl cupcakes
"Dinner cupcakes" HA!
C is for COOKIE
Great Easter cupcakes
Cute idea!!!


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