Brava Bistro and Kim's shower/stagette!


Good morning on this beautiful sunny day and short week! I had the pleasure of helping plan my girlfriend Kim's shower and stagette this weekend and it was A LOT of fun!!! We dined at Brava Bistro for dinner and the shower even had a really great belly dancer. Here are some photos and our delicious meal:
The bride and I
Opening gifts! She's SUCH a beauty!
Bridal Party!
AMAZING cake Kim's future sister-in-law Brittany made. It took her two days and the flowers are handmade and edible. WOW!
Red Velvet HEAVEN! Cream cheese frosting and fondant icing... Mmmmmm
Limo ride en route to Brava!
Seared scallop appetizer with arugula, apple, hazelnuts and a sherry & truffle vinaigrette for $16
Two words: LOBSTER GNOCCHI... OMFG AMAZEBALLS!!! One of my favorite dishes of all time. Can't wait to bring James here to try this appy! I could have had three full bowls.
For an entree I had the beet and goat cheese salad with green beans, spinach, walnuts and a balsamic vinaigrette. My favorite part was definitely the chévre crostini! (Chévre is goat cheese)
Kim's sister got the Atlantic salmon with corn, sausage, peppers, cherry tomato, basil in a white wine butter sauce for $26.. I would definitely come back here the food was fantastic as was the service for such a large group of us.
MMMM look at that avocado!!! Hamburger made out of ground chuck with bacon, avocado and mayo on a ciabatta bun. I am getting so hungry looking at these...
"Crispy Cracklin Chicken" with mashed potatoes and buttered carrots for $26. She said it was SO good!
Alberta beef tenderloin with couscous, shallot puree, asparagus, peas and a tahini dressing for $32... Mmm
Warm gingerbread cake for dessert for only $7!


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