Aji Sai in Cranston (again)... hehe


Kind of sad when you walk in and are recognized at your neighborhood sushi place.. Or maybe it's a good thing! I am so addicted to sushi right now- just can't get enough! I went with my girlfriend Jess who I haven't seen one on one in a long time so we had a great catch up. We both started dating our men within months of each other and are still with the same old balls 6 years later almost to the date.. HAHA! We decided to get some rolls that had come recommended to us and omg... HEAVEN! Here is what we had :)
Prawn tempura for $12.. I always like when there are 6. I can never get enough tempura NUM.
MMM... The one in the foreground is a Philadelphia roll that has smoked salmon, CREAM CHEESE, mango and avocado. Great, creamy and delicious roll. In the back is my new favorite roll of all time.. The ABURI Scallop roll which had wonton crunch, crab, avocado, mayo, a seared scallop and dab of hot sauce on the top.
Here is a close up of the heavenly scallop roll ... HEAVENLY! ORDER THESE! They were $14 for 8 large pieces.
These are the calamari rolls! Similar to the scallop rolls except with warm rings of calamari on the top and my favorite part- the brown sauce on top is a really good quality balsamic vinegar which goes great with the tar tar sauce, calamari and crab.
Close up of the calamari roll.. Thanks for the suggestion Shonna!
Aji Sai is quickly becoming my favorite sushi place in Calgary. The service is great and the staff really friendly. The fish has always been fresh and I ALREADY want another scallop roll. Check them out!


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