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Photo from Mom's the Word
Now that my vacation is done blogging about I can catch up on some recent eats! I LOVED the food in Europe.. I did get a little sick of cheese, meat and bread though and was craving some Calgary classics like ginger beef, deep dish pizza and wonton soup... My mom and I had a GREAT date last Thursday and went to the FANTASTIC play- Mom's the Word at Theater Calgary. GO! YOU MUST GO TO THIS PLAY! Take your mother, take your daughter, take a friend.. I have never not wanted a play to be over with. We laughed until we cried and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves after a delicious meal at Zen 8- one of my favorite sushi places in Calgary. Here is what we had:
Prawn tempura... Was a bit disappointed with just two pieces but the prawns were super big and really good quality.
MMMM! If you go to Zen 8 you must order the "Orange Bay Scallops" for $12.... These scallops are lightly, LIGHTLY breaded and then tossed in a yummy mayo with tobiko (fish roe) and served in half an orange shell with orange segments. SO refreshing.. What beautiful presentation too!
Mmm one of my favorite rolls of all time- Zen 8's Kamikaze roll with salmon, avocado, on top spicy tuna (BEST PART and there is crunchy bits of tempura too)... I love crunchy sushi!
The top roll is spicy tuna and the colorful one below is a "Chinook roll" with two prawn tempura's, cucumber, avocado, on top eel, mango, pea shoots and BBQ sauce... It is ALL about the BBQ sauce!!! MMMM
I always have to get a special scallop aka. "hotate special".. Scallops are on of my fav types of seafood.. and a tuna as well :D
What a great night with my mama! Try and see "Mom's the Word" if you can... You won't regret it!!!... And sushi at Zen 8 is fab although not the cheapest in town...
Love you mama! My mom and I on mother's day <3


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