Wedding Cupcake Trees - Are They Really a Cost Savings?


Many couples choose to plant a small wedding cake as a way to save money on your wedding cake. And the trees can be as beautiful wedding cake cupcake, traditional, and they can offer the same level with the wedding cake of five layers.

But look at the cost of a traditional wedding cake wedding cake to see what is estimated to be reduced.

You really can be loaded into the same job and more!
After the wedding cupcakes instead of traditional cake is not a real savings if you start your imagination. Basic muffins less expensive only a dollar or two more pleasant and more than $ 3.25 per person or part of a traditional cake, but certainly not to the same kind of cookies they wanted to serve candy or birthday party.

So now a bakery or cake designer, not a big cake decoration, and working for each individual cupcake miniaturirasi decorated like a mini wedding cake to separate from him, if not, you are looking for some level plain normal cupcakes. And even those who have separately below.

So, if you choose to monogram cupcake liners decorative ornaments such as mergers or the heart to add that actually contribute to the cost of cupcakes.

Make a cupcake tree to build a traditional sweet
Now let's look at all the jobs created tree cupcake wedding cake is not a traditional wedding levels.

Several mini cakes for each stage of the flat cake for each layer based on the stage. This is hard work, especially if they serve 100 people or more.

And if the cost of the preparation of bread, cakes, you might run into a tree a few extra wedding cake cupcake wedding traditions.

The best way to store cupcakes ... make your own cupcake tree wedding:

    Check the department stores and craft shops of the cupcake.
    Bake cakes or lime has been bought at the grocery store.
    Buy a small decorated cupcakes at discount stores and in accordance with the wedding theme or color
    Buy table decorations at the wedding theme to match.
    Buy or make cakes to the top cupcake tree.
    Ask your partner or family member to help set up the cake at the reception.

So, to save the most trees in a small wedding cake, that its price comparison first. Check with local bakeries, grocery stores, bakeries and even do it yourself to see where the real cost savings.


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