Silver Dragon


Courtney and I last weekend at a welcome back party we hosted :)
Silver Dragon located at 106 3rd Avenue in China Town is my favorite Chinese food restaurant in the city and I have blogged about it a few times in the past... I love that the staff hasn't changed since I was a little girl and some of their classic menu items such as SHRIMP TOAST and their large variety of seafood dishes. I went with a good girlfriend last night and took her for the first time.. She LOVED it! Here is what we had...
We had the Dinner for Two which was $33 and you had your choice of wonton soup or hot & sour. Does anyone crave wonton soup as much as me?!?! I am addicted!
Meh.. This spring roll didn't really turn my crank.. I don't really like when they put meat in sprinrolls as it is often trim meat and not the best .. I love the spring rolls at Kam Han in Avenida. They are my fav! (Except Vietnamese spring rolls but that is another story...) :D
SHRIMP TOAST. Yep needs to be capitalized. And served with plum sauce... Order these damn it! They are the piece de resistance resistance. Courtney loved them too and complained she would be craving them often hehehe
Decimated the ginger beef before I remembered to take a photo but note how crunchy and unsoggy each gingery, sweet log of beef is ??? Mmmmm log o' beeeeef 
We also ate a bunch of the veggies but I like how they even put some really nice chicken breast meat in it and don't skimp on the variety of veggies they use.
Silver Dragon's "special fried rice" has prawns, egg and cubes of BBQ'd pork.. Definitely not skimping out here either YUM!
Super good meal and amazing night.. Happy I got to introduce my girlfriend to some good YYC Cantonese & Peking cuisine.


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