RaNdOm FoOd PhOtOs


Happy Friday! These solo photos are not cool enough for their own post... BUT we can't leave them out!!!
Michael's Pizza. The best pizza in the city in my opinion. Perfectly seasoned pizza pans, crispy, flavorful crust, yummy tomato sauce and tons of good quality cheese. This is a beef, jalapeno and onion for my co-worker.. We work a block away but are moving locations so trying to hit it as many times as we can before we leave!
I always get the pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper.... BEST ZA!!!
Mmm... They opened a Cora's downtown in Bow Valley Square which is great because there are not enough breakfast places now that my fav: The Diner is now closed. (HURRY UP AND FIND A NEW LOCATION! I MISS NONA'S BENNY'S!) ... I dined here this morning with my work wife and had the "1900 Harvest" which was two pieces of cinnamon "brioche" . Bull shit this was not brioche.. Brioche is moist and delicious.. This was dry and stale.. Either way the poached egg, bacon and mountain of fruit was delicious.
James surprised me a few weeks ago (as you can tell by the SUNSHINE) and made these mushrooms caps that he didn't use a recipe form.. OMG DELICIOUS! He put cream cheese and Epicure's cheese, chive & bacon combo in them along with some other stuff... Really goood.
Mmmm BBQ.. Is there anything better? Stuffed potatoes and corn on the cob were the entree after the caps!
We had a party a few weeks ago and James made a ton of cocktail meatballs: good tip: cook your meatballs on your stoneware instead of fiddling with them in a frying pan. This way you can just throw them in and let them cook up.
Mmmm.. .Koi down the road from my work makes GREAT veggie and vegan dishes not to mention a mean curry. I had the seafood curry last week that comes with a small bowl of rice. So refreshing and healthy!
My co-worker had the tofu Buddah bowl and raved about it... yum!
There is something so satisfying about making deviled eggs... They always look so pretty and get eaten up
There is a great new deli that has opened up on Stephen Ave right beside the Bear & Kilt .. The name has escaped me but it is very "Europe looking" in the wide selection of meats and cheese and their sandwiches/breakfasts are GREAT! I had a smoked salmon bagel loaded with salmon and sandwiches come with pickles and ripple chips. Check it out!
Some of their gourmet butter selections... Hellooo black truffle butter. That shiznat ain't cheap though: $25.52
and now for a bit of AWWW... My little kitty Fraggle <3
BUSTED! Our kitties always snuggle hehehe


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