Prague, Czech Republic!


James and I a few hours after arriving in the beautiful city of Prague!!!
I'm BACK!!! Oh how I've missed blogging and telling you of my foodie fables!!! James joked that more than 1/2 of our photos were of FOOD... Did he really expect anything different? What an AMAZING trip! I loved the European way of life and laid back attitude.
We traveled to Prague, Czech Republic first... Land of beer and sausage and basic comfort foods such as potatoes and cabbage. The cuisine was quite good and reminded me of "meat and potatoes" style. The beer was very reasonably priced at around $2.50 a pint and it has one of the most famous breweries in the world located 1.5 hours outside of the city- Pilsen Brewery.  Here is some of what we ate in this medieval ancient city!!! 
Mmmm.. These were SO good! We were fortunate enough to be in Europe around Easter so there were tons of Easter markets and this is an Easter treat for Czech people. Their actual name was "trdeliniks" but I called them honey pots since they looked like little Pooh Bear pots. The buttery dough was coiled around these long wooden poles and cooked rotisserie style over hot coals.
The dough is then rolled in sugar and cinnamon and handed to you with a napkin for you to uncoil and enjoy. The flavor reminded me of a Spanish churro
Candy at the Easter market
Land of the kobasa sausage, weiner, hotdog and more sausage!
We wanted to go to a "true blue" Czech restaurant our first night there and our tour guide recommend this great local place that was SO cheap and SO authentic. James and I cannot STAND tourist traps or touristy, overpriced restaurants. We want to dine where the locals dine! We started our meal with a spicy sausage and rye bread that was served with horseradish, pearl onions and a horseradish mustard. Simple and SO delicious.
James ordered half a chicken and this kind of cracked us up.. It was literally half a chicken... with cabbage.. Once again simple, kind of medieval and SO yummy and comforting. The chicken had a great sauce and was extremely juicy.
For my meal I chose the potato dumplings.. I like dumpling anything... These had cubes of smoked meat inside and were served with cabbage. Delicious! Reminded me of meat filled snowballs!
At an Easter market the next day we got homemade potato chips to munch on... they were okay but super salty and a bit bland.
Kobasa! Street meat on a baguette with the ever present horseradish mustard... Delicious!!!

Pork and ham seems to be the most common meat in Europe. Here are some Easter hams roasting in one of the markets. So rustic!
We had an unbelievable medieval feast in this Prague castle thanks to Pampered Chef. What a memorable night. There were jesters, flame throwers and of course... A FEAST!
Course #1 to be shared amongst the table.. Cheese, cold cuts, pork terrine and some roasted veggies.
MEAT!!! Chicken legs, sausages and the pork with orange speckles in it is a terrine meaning it has different ingredients rolled into it as well.
Tray of desserts. Apple tart, a custard and some fruit skewers.
Here is a lunch that we had at the Pilsen brewery tour... The tour was great but this was one of my least favorite meals. Extremely dry chicken and just bland.
Our first Italian meal in Europe was a success! We asked some locals where a good restaurant was and found a great little cave-like brick restaurant and a bunch of us went for a yummy pasta feast beginning with this really flavorful bruschetta.
Fettuccine carbonara with peas and bacon.. Yum!
I'm a gnocchi whore... LOVE LOVE GNOCCHI! Especailly in a gorgonzola sauce which this was with a bit of spinach.. Not the BEST I have ever had but tasty and hit the spot.
Seafood mixture... Where's the pasta? Glad it wasn't my dish HEHEHE!
James got the special which was pork medallions... This was SO GOOD! Some of the most tender pork I have ever had, it truly melted in your mouth with a side of spinach.
Homemade pasta
Coffee is an art form in Europe.. I love how a cappuccino is considered the same as a coffee and even the same price. We got pretty addicted to these macchiato's with espresso and milk. Each time you order a coffee you always get a cookie or little biscuit. Love it! Even in the hotels there would be cookies for your coffee machine :)
We had a little snack of Czech cheeses and bread... Cheese was definitely much better in France and Italy as this was pretty basic but still a fun snack. Love how all of the terraces have little fleece blankets to curl up underneath :)
Mmmm my first slice of za abroad... Quatro Fromaggio is my fav! Four cheese and I love the blue the best to give it a "twang" of flavor.
Arriving at a BEAUTIFUL palace in Prague to have our farewell dinner form Pampered Chef. Truly amazing!
The palace that had amazing frescos painting on the ceilings and a band playing...It was one of the best meals all around that we had the entire trip... Here is our feast:
Unbelievable mushroom soup.. Not sure if I've ever had one this good... Extremely pureed with a hint of truffle oil
To. Die. For. Roasted garlic mashed potatoes, beef tenderloin, asparagus and this red wine au jus... It was piping hot too which is hard to achieve when catering for a big group of people as well
Chocolate mousse pyramid, creme brulee, and homemade vanilla gelato!
An amazing leg in Prague! I really recommend this magical city!!!


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