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Linds & I at Open Sesame
What a fun, girly weekend !!! It all centered around the bride-to-be on June 4th this year; my neighbor and friend Lindsay who has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids! I decided to treat Linds to a special night on Friday and we headed for some luxurious pedicures at Eveline Charles in South Center complete with paraffin wax and french tips... And to-go mugs of beverages ;) I wanted to bring champagne but Eveline Charles said I had to have a liquor license.. pleaseeee. PFFT.Here is what we had to eat at Open Sesame:
Samosa's for an appetizer for $6.50. Really great dipping sauce as well and super crunchy. Yum ! Lindsay suggested these as this is her favorite restaurant and they were great.
Lindsay had the ginger beef which was actually quite good considering Open Sesame is not a Szechuan restaurant.. They also offer ginger chicken both for $12.95. It was a HUGE portion though and she barely put a dent into it.
This is the Thai "Bouillabaisse"for $18.95 which was like a seafood stew/curry and had shrimp, mussels and scallops in a Thai green curry sauce and served with Jasmine rice. Really good and not too big of a portion which was good as it was quite rich.
After dinner we headed to Foreplay Friday @ Bookers.
They had dueling pianos so we danced the night away and had some great martini's
Yep. I have hot friends ;) ;)
Love this shot that was taken by accident.. :D
The next morning 4 of us ladies headed to Edmonton for Lindsay's stag at a super swanky penthouse in Edmonton on the 22nd floor right downtown.. What an amazing day/night!!!
Martini station with recipes! What a GREAT idea for a stagette!
All of the ladies before heading out on the town!
Playing Sociables with a "dick of cards" hehe.. Like the feather bases on the martini glasses? That was one of my shower gifts to Lindsay!
Love this shot- so Sex & The City!
Swanky VIP section at "The Treasury"
V.I.P. Loved the pink & black theme as these are their wedding colors.
The hummus that took TWO HOURS to come... It arrived after our pizza's even and was super overpriced. The meal was such a disaster in fact that the ENTIRE meal AND all the drinks were comped! I've never had that happen before....
The pizza was BY FAR the best thing on the menu... These 8" delights were delicious.. Besides that everything was overpriced ($25 chicken skewer that came out cold), incorrect or undercooked. The meal was a complete disaster but I am super happy I ordered the za!
Hawaiian ... Mmmm we had chicken & mushroom which was TO DIE... Didn't snap a photo because we were far too hungry after waiting so long for our meal.
Super fun night! Great job ladies!


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