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May long weekend is one of my absolute FAVORITE weekends of the year... We always go to this great campground in Salmon Arm called "Hidden Valley" and meet James' friends from home halfway between northern BC/Vancouver and Calgary.... What a weekend!!! It was a bit wild... a bit random... Just the way I like it. We had some really great people this year and here are some highlights! Sorry for the lack of food photos.. In all honesty James and I joke that we are "leeches" May long camping and although we do a TON of cooking at home we really just ... Drink beer May long camping. HA!

For some great camping recipes click HERE!

Zero gravity chairs are a great idea for camping!
Beautiful BC.. The weather was gorgeous when we arrived and stayed really warm all weekend- around 26 Friday/Saturday and a bit of rain on Sunday.
Flip cup is a camping classic ... We also drank a lot of "beergaritas"... 4 Corona, 1 can limeade and tequila "to taste" ;)
SPIDER DOGS! A camping classic as well ... Take a hot dog and make an "X" on either end of a hot dog and grill er up... The "legs" will get all curly and you can munch on a leg and share your dog.
I love these sandwich makers that can be put over the fire or stuck in the coals... Sticking it right in the coals *might* result in a charcoal sandwich and slow roasting yields the best results aka. Andrea is too impatient for that. We have also cooked everything from eggs to meat in these. It has another side and you close it up tight.
Bunwich in the sandwich maker !
Diva ;)
The cool thing about our site is that there is a creek going around the "island" so it drowns out all of our mayhem and the owner's of the campground really like us still somehow .... hehe. There are two small bridges to get on and off the island so it feels like a really great space to party in.
I always make a big cauldron of Kraft Dinner with about 2-3 boxes and extra cheese slices
Action shot! James brought a ton of games out and we had quite a few badminton matches. So fun!
We use this grill basket for EVERYTHING! Hamburgers in here are amazing... and asparagus ? Some interesting things on the grill here... Asparagus, egg and smores.. Oh man what a fun weekend.


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