Le’s Pho Noodlehouse - Deerfoot Meadows


James and I were shopping for a suit for him last night and decided to stop for a quick dinner at Le's Pho Noodlehouse in Deerfoot Meadows. I like Vietnamese food because it reminds me of Thailand, it is normally super cheap and always speedy! I normally get a vermicelli dish with BBQ pork and spring rolls as I LOVE Vietnamese spring rolls.. My other favorite is Vietnamese iced coffee with sweet condensed milk. Delicious! They should make these at Starbucks:
Our spring rolls arrived immediately and were piping hot. They have ground pork, shrimp, jicama, carrots and spices inside and are served with a fish sauce that you can also pour over your vermicelli. Hot spring rolls is key!
I had #24.. Grilled pork, and spring rolls on vermicelli with carrot and peanut garnish. I always douse mine in hoisin sauce too.


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