Ki Modern Japanese


Ki Modern Japanese has just opened up in Calgary right beside The Keg downtown at 308 4th Avenue SW. There is a Ki in Toronto and they opened a Vancouver location in the past few weeks as well. I saw signs advertising that it had opened and am always in the mood to try something new! It was a gorgeous day but I traipsed past all of the patios and went into the dark but elegant restaurant. There is a large water feature when you first walk in on the right and beautiful rainbow colored carpets and dark wood. You can tell they spent a fortune on the decor which unfortunately is reflected in the prices... Here is what we had!
My date started with a bowl of miso soup which was truly delicious... $6 though which is quite expensive for miso soup
I decided to try something a little different and went for the miso chowder for $8 .. .This was actually WORTH $8 though with a drizzle of truffle on the top and some really delicate pieces of seafood at the bottom.. Mmm this was DELICIOUS! I would be back for this soup.
Here is the "daily selection of sashimi & sushi lunch platter" for "market price".. I thought it was a bit pretentious of Ki to list the price as "market price".. I get that it might change per day but market price on a lunch menu ?! PFFT! This "market price" was $24 which we felt was very expensive for 3 pieces of sashimi, 6 rolls which were quite fat with rice, one ebi nigiri (shrimp), one scallop, one salmon and then a seaweed salad which didn't really turn our cranks. I've had better bento boxes for around $12. Not the best sushi we have had by a long shot but the fish was really fresh... Tables around us were ordering a bunch of really funky rolls though and some of their cold/hot specialties which looked great so I might switch up my order next time...
All in all the bill was around $78 for LUNCH ... All we had to drink was tea and we didn't get dessert... There are a lot of great sushi restaurants around that can offer better sushi for WAY less ... I think they are trying to make some of their money back on their lux decor unfortunately... Might have to try some of their dinner specialties to truly rate this restaurant but not sure if I can justify the cost!!!


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