Globefish Kensington


Shonna & I
I met my sister in law for a lunch in Kensington yesterday and we had a great catch up. Mmm I really do like Globefish.. My only complaint is that so does the rest of the city so it is not really a hole in the wall anymore and normally lined up. Lunch time is where it's at though! Make sure to not park in one of the surrounding businesses lots or you may get towed but there is plenty of parking in the ramen restaurant next door. Here is what we had!
I like how their prawn tempura comes with SIX prawns and two veggie: zucchini & asparagus... My only complaint with this one was it was not piping hot. I like when the dipping sauce is piping hot too not luke warm
I always get a side of nigiri- my favorite: chopped scallop with mayo, wild salmon, & albacore tuna
Rainbow roll! The rolls aren't cheap at around $15 BUT you get 8 huge rolls and really good quality ingredients. These rainbow rolls had crab & avocado inside and the rainbow part is ahi tuna, MANGO (mango is in season right now.. stock up!), salmon and avocado. So pretty!
My FAVORITE!! "Crunch & munch" roll! Prawn tempura inside with avocado and BBQ eel on top... SO DAMN GOOD!
Great catch up and yummy meal... not the cheapest sushi place around by any means. We had green tea, two miso soup, tempura and two rolls for $55. I wish we were in Vancouver! You can get rolls for around $2-5!


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