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Sorry I haven't blogged much lately... Kinda been in a blahhhh bring on the sunshine mood... But I found this AMAZING site today which I'm sure you may have heard of... Here are some things that brightened my mood and inspired me :D
OMG.. Who woulda thunk it?! Spaghetti & hot dogs!
Yep.. That's a brie wedding cake. I think I have to get married again.
These are Tom Collins shots!!!! :D
Milk painted toast
So simple & beautiful
KITTY SUSHI! A crazy cat lady MUST ;)
Pink Ruffle Cake
Hehe love these for a bridal shower!
Mmmm.. Fried pickles. Love how these are sliced ones...
Mama loves herself a fully loaded dog. Mayo is key!
BEAUTIFUL vegetable tian... Wow! (I had to Google it... a tian is a French word describing a shallow casserole. A tian can be any various dishes but originally referred to a Provencal dish of mixed vegetables.
I think Pampered Chef needs to come out with these herb scissors....
Super cute gift for a teacher or anyone really!
I. ADORE. THIS... I wanted to have mason jars full of iced tea at our wedding actually!
This one *might* take the cake for me... BACON GOAT CHEESE POPS with herbs and pecans... OMFG
Love love love love
Stuffed baguette !?!?! EEEEE!
Upside down cupcake papers to keep the bugs out... SMART!
Cute for a boy's birthday party!
What a good idea instead of expensive salad kits!
Let us outtttt!

Strawberries stuffed with cheesecake & topped w/graham cracker crumbs
I am SO INSPIRED! Going home to create something magical! :D


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