Drool worthy BEEF DIP!


This recipe is SO DAMN EASY AND DELICIOUS! My work wife will often bring her crock pot in with a yummy, tender roast bubbling away that she then shreds with two forks to make one hell of a good beef dip. We recently purchased 1/4 of beef from my ranch owner boss and the beef is truly out of this world.. The biggest complaint he receives is that the meat is far too lean and needs lard added to it. HA! It is a different color and smell than grocery store ground beef and the steaks can be cut with a fork. For mother's day we had a pot luck at my brother and his fiance's place and here is the recipe for the a-mazing beef dip !!!
1 roast ... We used a prime rib roast with two bones but a family sized roast beef would work great too
1/2 cup soya sauce
1 beef boullion cube
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp crushed rosemary
1 bay leaf
3 or 4 peppercorns
Mix and pour over roast or round steak in slow cooker. Add enough
water to almost cover meat. Cook 8-12 hours. Remove meat from broth.
Shred with 2 forks.
James shredding the tender meat
Put meat back into pot until ready to eat.
mmmmm that au jus was HEAVEN!
Separate broth from met. Serve meat on buns with broth for dipping.
Broth may be thickened if desired. We served with crusty kaiser buns which were really soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside which was perfect for dipping :D
Thanks for an awesome meal you two cuties! Great salads and dessert
Amazing dessert that my sister in law Bev made!!! So pretty!
Extra strawberries mixed with Cool Whip as well :)


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