Chicago Chophouse


I haven't been to The Chicago Chophouse in a few years but my office is moving right behind this restaurant at the beginning of June so I better get used to it ;) ... Sad that I will be further away from my fav restaurant: Vintage Chophouse and the awesome Michael's Pizza... But I will just have to hang out at Escoba, Chicago Chophouse and Quincey's a little more often. Located at 604 8th Avenue SW, this restaurant is no longer owned by Paul Vickers as he was bought out in the fall so I was excited to see the new menu. We were there for a business lunch yesterday and here is what we had:
My boss and I started with a cup of the soup du jour: tomato and bacon. I like how the bacon was like a ground beef consistency and there were great chunks of onion & tomato with good seasoning. I tend to prefer cream soups but this was really yummy :)
One of my lunch dates had this fabulous looking club with juicy chicken breast, crunchy bacon, marble rye and my fav- a big pickle! She said it was really good.. Looks like there is some butter lettuce as well mmmm
My boss DEFINITELY ordered the right thing! Look how good these fries look ?! He had the steak sandwich with fries and gravy which was served on a baguette with sauteed mushrooms... *drool* .. I kept gazing at his lunch. HA!
I had the sirloin salad for $19 which had a nice avocado dressing, stewed tomatoes, medium rare sirloin and my favorite: fried scallions on the top.. Yumm.. Sort of tasted like onion rings. I really enjoyed this salad and would order it again for sure.
Looking forward to seeing you more often Chicago Chophouse!


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