Berlin, Germany!


Bike riding to the funky neighborhood of Kreuzberg
Berlin really surprised us... We weren't sure what to expect but had heard that it was a really unique city with tons of street art and a great nightlife... This is definitely the case!!! I absolutely fell in love with Berlin and the amount of street art and monuments that are scattered throughout the city. 1/3 of the city is compromised of lakes, parks and rivers covering and there were some really amazing museums and SO much to see! I could even see myself living in Berlin. The thinking is so forward and the metro system so seamless. We had a blast and here is some of what we ate!
We stayed in a really funky hostel in Berlin called "Pfefferbet" which was located in an old brewery. It was really clean and had an awesome main area with a bar, restaurant that served comfort foods such as "toasties" (grilled cheese) and a pool table.
Main area of our hostel
Our first meal was sooo comforting and delicious as it was raining and chilly. This simple bean vegetable soup with rye bread was part of a two course lunch for only 10 Euro... What a hearty and delicious soup! Homemade for sure :)
Part two of the 10 Euro lunch was this vegetable curry that was equally delicious. Love the presentation.
I had the penne with spinach, cream sauce and tomatoes. I found the pasta in Berlin to be a little "al dente".
James adored the Beer all over Europe.. It was especially good in Germany and Czech.
We hit up a great hookah bar across the road from our hostel in Berlin and since we had a big lunch munched on a few snacks...
Such as this to die for hummus! I love reallyyy true blue hummus with the paprika and olive oil floating on the top.
Bread is serious business in Europe.. SO many bakeries, types of breads and meals eaten with bread. In fact EVERY meal is accompanied by bread.. I'm a tad sick of the meat, cheese and bread phenom after being to Europe and was definitely craving some veg by the time we got home :p
Dining at McDonald's restaurants around the world is always an adventure... In Australia I had the famous "Oz Burger" which has a fried egg, beet root and ring of pineapple on it... Here is the McRib Burger.. Not recommended..
Emmental cheese sticks with a cranberry ? dipping sauce ? ... They sure don't beat my fav Arby's Mozza Sticks!
McCafe's are SO popular in Europe! Serving up very fancy pastries, cakes, macaroons and of course cappucino's, frappucino's and other fancy drinks this craze will sure to be a hit when it reaches this side of the pond.
James' iPhone was an unbelievable tool for us... We would walk down a street- pinpoint where we were and his iPhone would generate the restaurants surrounding us and what their rating was. We were lucky enough to find this sushi place via his iPhone and it was the beginning of a really amazing night. Yummm this makes me want some more sushi RIGHT NOW! I always have to have special scallop .. Scallop in German is "jakobsmuschel" .. Yay for James' iPhone again!
What would a visit to Europe be without a trip to an Absinthe bar ?! From Wiki: "Absinthe is historically described as a distilled, highly alcoholic (90-148 proof) beverage. It is an anise-flavored derived from herbs and is a natural green color." There is always a legend that you "see the green fairy" if you drink absinthe and we don't have the "real" stuff in Canada because the herb "wormwood" is not legal in our country...
Here is how the absinthe is served... Cone shaped glass for the absinthe, shot of water and a sugar cube on a spoon.
You take the spoon with the sugar cube on it, dip the sugar cube in the absinthe and light the sugar cube on fire. You wait until the sugar cube is nice and melty/bubbling and then BLOW IT OUT! (ooopssss I made that mistake), add the shot of water and stir until the water is dissolved. You can sip or shoot absinthe. It doesn't have the best flavor so I always take the down the hatch method ;)
Love this photo- James is such a great photographer. After about 4 absinthe each we could speak perfect German BAHAHA!
After the absinthe we obviously needed some street meat! Best. Hot Dog. Of my Life... The hot dog was steamed along with the bun but the real magic here is the deep fried caramelized onions.. You heard me correctly.. DEEP FRIED caramelized...  With mayo of course. And the angels sing nah nah nah nah nahhhh
Oh ya baby.. The fat kid that resides inside me is a happy, happy little man.
The next day was a bunch of site seeing and here we are beginning at the Pegamon Museum. Incredible ancient ruins reconstructed before our eyes thanks to our audio guides! TEEHEHE
Oh look more bread :D .. Cheesy pretzel goodness
Mmmmm lunch on a patio in the funky area of Kreuzberg, Berlin... Comparable to our Kensington I suppose. I had the mushroom risotto with rocket salad (name for arugula in dishes) all around and drizzled with balsamic vinegar... TO DIE!
James had the special of the day which was a huge slice of lasagna with salad... The sauce was super yummy but not the *best* lasagna we were to have.... stay tuned ;)
Easter Markets are a big deal in Europe! Here is Berlin's version! Heart shaped cookies and lollies galore.
Sausages at an Easter Market
We went for tapas on our last night in Berlin and although overpriced.. It was a fun experience. This calamari was tasty and not too chewy.. Mmm I am really into calamari right now too
This dish was extremely disappointed for us... The shrimp still had their heads on and were not devained so by the time you took all of that off, which was not an easy task and quite unappetizing, there was VERY little shrimp meat left. BOO!
"Meat and cheese" platter.. Not too much cheese.. Olives were good though. Salami, proschutto and cold cuts are so common in Europe.. A bit greasy at times but apparently to get marbling like you see here in the salami it takes years of dedication.
Greasy chorizo.. Not our best meal in Europe and quite overpriced. Womp womp
LOVE THIS! "Eat Here, Diet Home"... If you say so! I also love being able to by beer at any corner store, street vendor or supermarket and walk around drinking it in public legally. All hail the Germans!


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