My weekend etc . . . .


Phew... What a weekend... I had THREE Pampered Chef shows on Saturday so waking up to THIS was not a good start to the day:
 Luckily I had some amazing hostesses who really brightened the day! Look at this amazing spread of food my 74 year old hostess concocted on Saturday night... I have NEVER had deviled eggs that tasted this good:
Mmmm.. one of my favorites: garlic stuffed olives and STACKERS! She insisted on making me plates of food which was awesome- sometimes I feel guilty nibbling but Saturday I NEEDED some substance!
Isn't party food the best ?! This spinach dip was heavenly with the rye bread.
This really took the cake for me! I had a brunch show on Sunday morning and the hostess had these wild hibiscus flowers in syrup that turn champagne pink and are edible! SO COOL!
I saw them at Willow Park Liquor Store later that date. $31 for 50 flowers which I don' think is TOO bad for a special event.
There were different cocktail recipes on the jar so even martini's could be jazzed up :)
After my last show on Sunday James and I headed to Boston Pizza for some COMFORT food... Beer and clam is one of my favorites. That's Clamato juice to all you Yankee's... Tomato juice with clam juice.. YUM!
Speaking of comfort food... Boston Pizza's pepperoni and mush is one of my favorite za's. Although a little pricey for what you get I love how many mushrooms they pile on and the salty pepperoni. I always get the meat sauce to dip my crust in too :)
James was a good boy with a wrap and salad for lunch... But we did get yam fries to start :p


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