Vintage Chophouse... My FAV....


All of us ladies from work today decided to hit Vintage for the mac n' cheese that I ALWAYS rave about and I'm sure your all sick of hearing about... TOO BAD.. It's SO NUMMY! hahaha.. Unfortunately our meal took nearly an HOUR to arrive at the table and I was getting pretty aggro by the time it arrived... So worth the wait... 
Vintage's daily soup creations are always mouthwatering amazing... Today it was tomato and smoked bacon soup. Love the presentation and soups are always served with a homemade biscuit: chive in this case!
I never need to look at the menu.. I ALWAYS get half truffle mac n' cheese and half Cobb salad... The salad always has the perfect about of blue cheese, avocado and fresh ingredients. And the mac... Well.... IT'S THE BEST IN THE CITY!
My work wife Lisa had half mac and half beef stroganoff. The stroganoff is pretty famous here too with generous portions of tender beef.
Becky was being boring balls and got spinach salad :p ... It looked yummy though with goat cheese, sweet potato chips and candied pecans.
MMMMM.. FULL ORDER of the mac.... Sue; your a rock star ;)


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