Tuesday Home Husband Meal


 Now THIS is the way to come home from work after an insanely busy day!!! James made these super yummy raspberry melon martinis and a lil' shot to kick start what turned out to be a bit of a tipsy Tuesday ;) .. One of those veg nights that work great for freezing cold nights... Have I mentioned I can't wait for SUMMER?! He had a little appy waiting as well: STACKERS MY FAV!:
So fricken adorable. He was describing them to me all fancy like too BAHAHA
Here's the main course. Yam fries seasoned with paprika and a Southwest seasoning aioli, steamed veg and a breaded pork chop. The yam fries were my favorite part NUM!
I can't wait for SUMMER and BBQ's!!! James is quite the grill master ;) His famous dish is a butterflied smokie atop a cheeseburger... :D


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