Starbucks "Cake Pop"


I was all excited when I heard on Twitter that Starbucks was giving out FREE cake pops! I had seen them getting my morning coffee a few times and was excited to try one out... They come in three flavors for $1.60 each:
Rocky Road
Birthday Cake
I traipsed all the way to Starbucks as the offer was only from 2-5 pm and was disappointed to learn I had to purchase a beverage in order to get a cake pop for free... I asked the polite fellow if I could have one for free anyways since I already bought TWO Starbucks off him that day... He obliged but then made me pay for a small java ?!?!?! WTF ? Anyways.... I didn't want the Goddamn coffee I wanted the cake pop... And I had to pay with DEBIT .. GRRR... In the end I ordered a birthday cake flavored pop only to be SORELY DISAPPOINTED:
I LOVE birthday cake so I was excited it even looked like the picture.. Until...
I cut it in half to share with a co-worker and it was RAW.. I'm talking so raw you could mold it in your fingers and still taste raw egg kind of raw. I took one bite and spit it out... Super lardy and DISGUSTING!!! I am SO disappointed and won't be trying these again. One of the problems with Starbucks bakery is they use LARD instead of BUTTER so their baking is often extremely high calorie.. But to under bake for a free sample? Their loss in business I guess....


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