Sky360 at the Calgary Tower


My inlaws came for a visit this week and I thought what better place to take them for lunch on Friday than the Calgary Tower? It was a beautiful, clear day and we had a spectacular view. The nice thing about going to Sky360 for lunch is that you don't have to pay the $15 to go to the top of the tower and observation deck so it's worth it to dine up top! We had a bottle of wine to mark the occasion although I wouldn't say Sky360 has my favorite menu of all time... In fact it really doesn't turn my crank at all and it normally takes me a while to figure out what I am going to eat... I think they need to add some new dishes to their menu ;). Nonetheless- here is what we dined on :)
Sky360 offers a two course "Corporate Lunch" for $23 that begins with either a soup or salad and your choice of penne, burger or fish as an entree. This was the soup of the day that my mother in law got- carrot ginger. It was SO good!!! Creamy and had a sweeter flavor.
This is the creamy seafood chowder as a starter which was also really delicious. Love the square bowl presentation
Both James and his dad got the burger with bacon and cheese which was really yummy... I thought the fries were well done as well.
I had the roast beef sandwich with a salad which our waitress said was her favorite thing on the menu... I was quite disappointed that the roast beef was sandwich cold cuts and not an actual slice of roast beef... I wouldn't order it again.
James' mom had a salad with a grilled chicken breast but unfortunately the chicken was so dry she sent it back. The new chicken breast was very juicy and they topped up her greens as well. Good service :)


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